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Viewpoint and Appreciation

Viewpoint and appreciation

Imagine two lifelong friends, Bill and bob. They grew up together, shared many adventures and were as close as two men could be as true buddies, like brothers.  They bought houses next to each other and their kids played together.

One day Bill found a pebble lying in the grass alongside the sidewalk as he and Bob surveyed their newly mowed lawns. He picked it up, felt its weight and its smoothness. He held it up to the light and noticed the way the light reflected off of the rounded surface on one side and how a rainbow of colors emerged when he held it in a certain position.

He smiled while holding the stone this way and that, getting different colors as he did so. Something within him relaxed as he absorbed the feeling he sensed gazing at the two inch particle of nature he held between his forefinger and thumb. He thought of how this rock was born, beginning with the fusion of particles through heat and pressure, perhaps thousands of years ago, and wondered why it gave him this mellow and happy sensation, just holding it and looking at it. The stone became more and more real as he rolled it around between his fingers and felt it grow warm in his palm.

“Hey Bob, check this out, man.” He handed the stone to Bob, who glanced at it and handed it back. He said, “It’s a rock, man, nice rock, smooth.”

Bill felt odd. There was a slight invalidation as his sense of values and worth of the stone stood trembling on the edge of “throw it away, it’s just a rock,” or “I see something I have never seen before, feel something new, and it is real.” Bill let out a breath he had been holding since he handed the stone to Bob. It breathed out any of the old Bill, who had always played the “agreement to not be different than others,” and he felt a natural sense of personal integrity and honor, to know that if it is true for me it is true, not what others say is true. This stone is beautiful, and if he can’t see it, it is his problem.”

At that moment Bill lifted his eyes to his environment and saw it all in a different light; it took on a new dimension of livingness he had never seen before. Bob couldn’t see this dimension. He was blind to it.  Bill felt an instant sadness for Bob. But Bill had a new life. He now had a new world to explore, and Bob couldn’t explore it with him, but Bill couldn’t stop grinning. He had perceived the new dimension of beauty, aesthetics and art. And now he wanted to see, to learn, to know more about this, whatever it is. He knew it had worth beyond any accounting, and he could share.

Bob said, “dude, what’s with you, why you grinnin’ like your face gonna break?”

“No worries, Bob, no worries man.”

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