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Sharon Beth Photographer & Photograph Compositing

Sharon BethI have been a photographer for most of my life, yet a frustrated one. I love photography and the realism that it provides and I sought out any and all methods, techniques, cameras, lenses and programs to afford me more and more realistic detail. Combined with good composition, color and skill, these images came out stunning in their detail and accuracy.

I was one of the first to be interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography as early as 2007, when it’s popularity was in it’s infancy, and I studied and implemented it’s incredible detail rendering abilities using multiple exposures and programs used to combine intelligently, all of these images into one detailed masterpiece.

But something was missing, STILL.

Endless by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.
Endless by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.

I had conquered the detail issue. But what of the thousands of other valid and talented photographers who do the same? What of the millions of beautiful sunset shots that take your breath away? I wanted to give something different, something more.

My precious mother was a traditional artist. She painted everything from mountain scenes, to portraits, to renditions of Old Masters and was incredibly good at it. Her art has an unspoken gift that emanates from it, no matter the subject or composition. It grabs at your heart and transports you to another reality as all art should do in my opinion.

 Aaliyah by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.
Aaliyah by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.

In some distant future I wanted to be able to acquire her ability to put the ‘soul’ into a photograph, the way she does with her painting. For me, the tools came to me with photo editing programs like Photoshop and Painter and a host of others. I was finally able to add my own unique touch to my photos that made them more into what I defined as ‘art’.

You may say that a good photographer can do that with a camera alone and I would not disagree with you, but I still wanted something more. I have managed to make some beautiful art from my photographs using at least one, and up to 6 different images combined. It’s called compositing and the two images you see are examples of this technique. I love doing art this way!

I am currently intent on taking it to the next level and, instead of using photographs, starting from scratch, yet still using the tools of the computer programs. It is the next challenge for me as a photo artist and artist. I do love to take a subject and make a composite piece of art of it which depicts many different aspects of that subject in one piece.

Just recently I had the pleasure of making images of a number of local farmers for a restaurant. These images were composites and combined a number of different elements relating to the particular product of that vendor including breads, cheeses, oysters, chickens, wine and spirits! Each of these images has a story to tell.

I love that the reaction I get to these is pure delight and happiness on the part of the ‘participants’!

I am currently taking appointments to create this kind of art, whether using my own photographs or those of the clients themselves. Sometimes you may have an idea of a piece of art that you would like to create but may not have the skills or the tools. I am here to help you with that whether it be from your vision or from your own collection of images, either new or vintage or any combination thereof.

My goal is to create something that will bring remembrance or joy, or whatever it is you want to carry forward with you in time. Each of my projects is individually priced and executed.

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