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Adroit Use of Art

adroit artists at Indie Artists ClubIn order to understand and appreciate art (or even to create art, for that matter) you must understand one thing: it is a form of communication.  The artist tries to communicate to the viewer, and if it is a good work of art, the artist’s technical skills are up to a point where the viewer understands the communication.  This applies to any form of art: painting, writing, film, poetry, sculpture, jewelry making, and theater – any form of art.  Good art creates an emotional response from the viewer.  Hopefully, an inspiring response.

Adroit artists have been working since the beginning of time to communicate through their art.  Cave paintings still communicate to us today and some are exceptionally moving, such as the paintings in the caves of Lascaux in France.  Those prehistoric artists were good – very good.  View the panels as a work of art, without nit picking why one guy has a spear and one guy has a bow and arrow.  Leave that to archeologists. There are equally beautiful artworks carved into rocks in the American southwest and in Africa.  Look at them as artworks. Let the archeologists worry about religious significance of small figures of a religion they will never know and cannot find. (Maybe those artists just created art and wanted to communicate the majesty of their world.)

If you are looking for art to hang on your wall at home or hang on your ears, search for something that communicates to you.  If the earrings you find are the colors, design and style that communicate to you, those are the ones you should have.  Diamonds are always popular, but very few diamond designs are really art – people buy them to show off wealth, not because an adroit artist created one-of-a-kind handmade earrings that make you happy.  Maybe that’s all the message there is – it makes you happy.  What a great message from an artist!

The art you like does not have to match the couch.  Perhaps it will because it is the colors you like and you have already used them in your home.  But if it is something that communicates to you, it is something you should have.  If it isn’t in your budget, buy a print now, and an original when your ship comes in.  If it doesn’t match the couch, have it anyway – it will make you happy and other people will enjoy it for many years. If an artwork “speaks” to you, don’t pass it by.

There are a few artists who try to create artworks that offend.  There are others who try to create art in a way that nobody but a “select few” can understand (and those “select few” are faking it).  Most artists want to communicate good things or exciting things and they want to make their viewers happy or excited.  The best artists want the viewer to contribute to the artwork.  The emotional response can be the contribution, or as another example, the artist may paint only a minimum and ask the viewer’s eye to fill in the rest.  Chinese brushwork art often uses this technique.  The painting itself is a few masses and a few lines, but the viewer can put them together to see a delightful scene or animal or whatever the artist has painted. Some of these paintings are the most beautiful artworks.

At one time the Catholic Church was the major patron of artists, and since artists wanted to eat, they created religious art.  But they certainly took creative liberties, and much of the art from this period (Renaissance) is incredibly inspiring even if you are not a Christian.

The Indie Artists Club is a group of adroit artists who have the skills, most from years of practice, the allow them to create art that communicates.  You can find them right here at Indie Artists Club. Browse the art. Enjoy the prints and paintings and jewelry and photographs and carvings.  As more artists join, there will be new forms of art. It will continue to expand, so browse often to see new faces and art.

Artists are grateful that many people want to hang paintings over the couch.  Artists wish to make a living, too.  But do not settle for something that matches the curtains, just because it matches the curtains.  Find an artwork that “speaks” to you and hang that over the couch.  You will enjoy it.  Most artists try to raise your spirits and painting by painting inspire a happier world.  You can help, too, by displaying art.