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Photography by Cheryl Perin

Cheryl Perin Photographer. © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved.I have been taking pictures since I was a kid. I grew up in PA out in the country. We lived at the foot of a mountain which was surrounded by forests so nature became my favorite thing to photograph. We had animals all around as we were in farming country.

My purpose in my photography is to share nature through my eyes so others can enjoy it. My husband and I go camping, hiking and backpacking which a lot of people do not get to do. We see some very beautiful things on our adventures and we like to share these things. I love flowers as well and love to photograph their amazing colors.

Morning Magic - © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved.
Morning Magic – © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved.

I’m a realist when it comes to art, although with Photoshop and Lightroom you can do some newer forms like HDR photography and Colorization which I will be learning soon.

My husband is a professional photographer so I have had the opportunity to learn things from him over the years which has approved my ability as a photographer.

I have all my photos for sale on two websites. One is Fine Art America and the other is Viewbug. I have a full time job so I hope to have more time to work on my photography in the future.

I have had great responses to my photos and have even won a contest or two. I have sold a couple and just had a great time creating the photos. We love to travel and we always take our cameras and we usually have two or three cameras a piece as we go photographing.

Sunset On Bowman Bay © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved. The nice thing about taking photos is you get to see things that a lot of people would just walk right by and never see. Having a photographer’s eye gets you to look at your environment in more detail and develops you to see the little things. It’s amazing what you will find when you look and see.