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What’s a Giclee Art Print?

The Giclee (jhee-clay) print is the highest quality print available today. The word Giclee is a French word meaning `to squirt. The process is a type of digital printmaking that CANNOT BE DUPLICATED by other printing techniques. Because there is no visible dot screen pattern the resulting image has all of the subtle tonalities of the original art.

The image is created by a digital printer’s tiny ink jets, guided by a computer, that spray millions of droplets of water-based ink directly onto fine archival canvas, known as the “substrate.” Gicleés are produced one at a time, and, depending on the size and intricacy of the image, can take two hours or more for each print. The combination of special inks and substrates are carefully selected which assures maximum print longevity and exquisite visual quality. Thus producing exceptional museum quality prints.

This is a digital printmaking technology with great advantages in beauty and durability. The printer can achieve a true reproduction of an original in any size up to 5 feet, printed on archival canvas or portrait linen. The digital files are worked using sophisticated graphics software to fine-tune the images. New inks used in Giclee printing have the longevity of watercolor paints. The museum quality Giclee has the same appearance as the original and when framed cannot be distinguished from the original.

Although prints can be made on paper, Giclees can also be printed on canvas or fine-quality portrait linen so that they may be framed as oil paintings, without glass.

Dozens of museums have mounted exhibitions or purchased Giclées for their permanent collections. These include The Metropolitan Museum (New York), the Guggenheim (New York), the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston), the Philadelphia Museum, the Butler Institute (Youngstown, OH), the Corcoran (DC), the National Gallery for Women in the Arts (DC), the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (DC), the Walker Art Center, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, the New York Public Library Print Collection, the High Museum (Atlanta), the California Museum of Photography, the National Museum of Mexico and the San Jose Museum, among others.

The Giclee can be shipped unframed, both to hold down the shipping cost and to allow you to choose your own frame to fit your home or office decor.

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Chuck Rosenthal Fine Art – New Availability

The beautiful paintings by artist Chuck Rosenthal certainly inspire a longing to have one framed and hanging in your living room. Known for his masterly use of light, his seascapes, landscapes, people and still life are all desirable. But for many of us, owning an original has been more than our budgets could afford.

Now a new line is being offered of Mr. Rosenthal’s light-filled canvasses. Giclee prints on canvas are available at a fraction of the cost of an original painting.

First, let’s define “giclee.” It is pronounced “gee-clay” and is from a French word that means spray. A giclee reproduction of an artwork is basically an ink jet digital print usually on watercolor paper or canvas. The process uses archival inks, which basically means it won’t fade for a hundred years or more. Great care is taken in the process to produce the exact colors of the original painting. So, down to brass tacks, a giclee reproduction is high quality inks printed on a high quality surface, and is the best you can get in artwork reproduction.

However, since it is a reproduction, not an original, it becomes more available for the rest of us that didn’t figure in several thousand dollars in our financial planning for the purchase of artwork. Hooray!

Mr. Rosenthal has made available many of his pastel paintings in giclee reproductions.  The still life is grapes and apples, but more importantly it is a play of light in yellows, light greens and oranges that is a feast for the eye. The contrasting dark background and the contrast of the smooth grapes and apples against the rough cloth they lie on is very pleasing scene for any room.

There are several seascapes available, most notably a scene of bright evening sun on waders in the shallow water of the beach, with tall condos and hotels in the background.  Since the artist is from Clearwater, Florida, one assumes this is Clearwater Beach, but it could be any of many Gulf beaches. The scene evokes a sort of peace and joy.

Another notable beach scene is of the old drawbridge and causeway to Clearwater Beach.  The rendering of the sky in this painting is just brilliant. The artist has totally mastered the realism of a Clearwater sky.

There are a dozen other paintings to choose from now that giclees have been released, and since the cost now falls within anyone’s budget, a Chuck Rosenthal painting could soon adorn a wall at your home.

Artist Chuck Rosenthal is recognized for his masterly use of light. His striking still lifes, seascapes and landscapes would enhance any room.

There’s one magnificent still life. The contrasts in this painting are fascinating – the dark background for the bright orange, green and yellow apples and grapes, and the smooth fruit against the rough cloth and basket. A nice addition for any wall.

One painting is most obviously Clearwater. The light of a beautiful Clearwater morning sky leaves the old drawbridge and causeway to Clearwater Beach in blue shadow while the water reflects bright light and colors.

Brighten your home with a masterly painting!

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