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Wonderful Dreamscape Comments from 2019!

Flying Free Dreamscape by ILIA

Whenever I create a new Dreamscape, I post it on my Facebook page asking for feedback and name suggestions. I believe in 2019 I received the best feedback and the most wonderful acknowledgements – EVER! I’d like to share some here:

“Beautiful!!!!” DC
“Great colors!” LH
“This is my favorite so far! It evokes warmth and love and beauty. Really lovely gush of emotion!” RR
Voyager Dreamscape created by ILIA
“Oh wow that is awesome!” EW
“This image really spoke to me on a very very deep level.” PT
“I suggest ‘The Universe Within’ For within the universe that we share with others is a universe that is solely our own. In it, exist dreams and spaces privy only to ourselves; and it is from this universe that dreams spring forth. It is an awesome piece!” MG
“Wow! Beautiful and protected and infinite on the inside as all beauty is.” RP
“Your beautiful piece reminded me of a book by that title where a girl was magically transported to a place I imagined looked like this.” VL
Forest of the Fairies“Fabulous! You are a great artist!” TD
“I am at a loss for words with this one. I love it!” BL
“Beautiful. Have no name but WOW!” RVDF
“This is haunting – love the flows in it.” JH
“No name but it’s a glorious feeling in my heart. Splendid piece! TH
“Wowowow!!!! So Beautiful!!!!!!” EW
“It’s a very ethereal and beautiful work of art that speaks to me of something that’s not ‘something’” VL
“Gorgeous!” GB
“It’s beautiful!” JK
dreamscapes by ILIA“Your Dreamscapes are unbelievably aesthetic! I don’t know how you create these, but they are really, truly a work of art. I can think of many classical musical pieces that could be played while viewing these – your dreamscapes are soothing and pleasing to the soul, as it were.” LT
“Imagination, its realization, it’s an artist’s gift, and ILIA expresses her imagination beautifully.” MAS
“Thank you for inspiring people – especially me! Keep creating ILIA!! Your artwork is awesome!” CM
“ILIA’s Dreamscapes are mind blowingly beautiful, haunting, and impossible but there it is.” LDS

Thank you very, very much to all that participated with my Name it Game this year.  I sincerely appreciate the wonderful comments and amazing name suggestions!


You can find my Dreamscapes at my ILIA LIFE website.

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