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Multi-Talented Artist Robin Beaman

Robin Beaman, multi-talented artist I used to sit “center stage” where artistic endeavors were concerned…I sang and acted in New York and Los Angeles – in church as soloist, musicals, opera and straight drama, both on stage and on TV.  I sang under Leonard Bernstein’s baton in New York, sang in the New York Opera as well as Off-Broadway.  I came out to Los Angeles and pursued my wares in TV – Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven, Hart to Hart, just to name three, and starred in many musicals and straight drama at The Colony Theatre here.

But, as time went on I decided that I’d run the gamut and did what I’d set out to do, which was to touch, move, make a difference in people’s lives, and to entertain to the best of my ability.  So, I decided to do something different.  I felt I’d run the gamut.

So now I’ve taken to helping with art others produce.  I still keep my creative hand in by writing now and then (mainly short stories and blogs), but I’ve found that I especially enjoy helping others polish up their written work by proofreading and editing in order to make their works shine as the bright gems they are.

I have been an avid reader since childhood, simply because there was no television in “them thar days”, so I escaped by reading. I’m so glad I did because I can see grammatical and spelling errors a mile away!

Because of my reading knowledge, I find myself getting engrossed and involved with the story I’m editing, so that when I edit something, it isn’t just a “job”; it’s because I’m interested and wish this story to succeed.  I mean, with the teamwork that develops between us, I can see this story really take off. It starts to live and breathe for me and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. It is important to me that the author’s story is the best it can possibly be.

Another skill or hobby, if you will, is being handy with needle and thread.  With this love of sewing, I stumbled on what is known as counted cross stitch which ends up, when finished, as a “thread painting” done on linen.  All kinds of colorful pictures can be rendered with this technique, sometimes to the jaw dropping amazement of those who see this art up close and personal.  And, to complete the “sewing” picture, I also love to crochet afghans, baby hats, as well as sew knick-knacks like table cloths, hand towels, coasters – well, you name it, I probably do it.

My overall purpose is this:  I cannot breathe easily if I don’t create something, whether it’s for me or through and for others.  I thank my lucky stars that I live around and have friends as artists — that I’m able to support them and do what I can for them.  Life just isn’t worth living without the beauty of art in it.  Period.

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