Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love, fiction


How do we find true, everlasting love? These fictional characters want to know not only that but also why one of them had to die!

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Millennial Carlos Almarón struggles to live past the devastating murder of his would-be fiance who, unknown to him, is part of a love triangle involving another woman – someone he knows. Unable to come back to battery, his jet-set Manhattan friends abandon him.

Carmela Ariana, his childhood tomboy friend, herself one of love’s walking wounded, decides to help him. She alone knows what happened to Almarón’s lover yet she fears that telling her longtime friend would push him away, perhaps forever.

Almarón’s road to recovery brings him through a series of haphazard events traversed on a tightrope of daydreams and nightmares that take him back to the 11th century and to his current-life sexual escapades with himself and would-be lovers back in his pubescent and early collegiate years. The process helps him understand that what he cherishes most about men and women are the spiritual qualities of constancy and loyalty.

Wanting to find everlasting love brings both Almarón and Ariana face to face with intimate truths about themselves and, ultimately, Cupid’s arrows… but only when and where they least expect them!

Ruined by Murder Addicted to Love teaches us to trust in the name of peace and love because we all seek the kind of romance these two hapless lovers crave!



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