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Intro blog

Hi gang. I am L. D. Sledge, new to the group. I am so happy that Leigh-Ann created this little gathering of artists. This is truly needed and wanted in Clearwater and area to let artists meet each other and have discussions to help each other. I need lots of help. There is so much I want to know, from rendition to marketing. I am totally self taught, hit and miss, mainly miss, but have created many pieces and wasted lots of acrylic and paper and canvas and will waste more. I make a bust more times than not. So my trash can is overflowing.

I have an art site that recently got very ill and died, but someone doctored on it and restored part of it to life which helped but it is not like it was. However it shows my art enough to get the idea., and then there is, a youtube video of some of my stuff put to music by composer Dan Robinson of the NY Org. I am also a writer and here is that site: I have a lot going on. I hope to write some blogs FYI.

See you later.

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