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Fine Art by Rosalinde Reece

I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon. It’s what I do and what I love doing.

Rosalinde ReeceI took my first art class in a garage in Hamden, Connecticut, as the only child in an adult class. We worked with oils and our first challenge was to create perfect sphere. Next assignment was a still life, set up by the teacher, containing every imaginable texture, shape, color etc. Once those two assignments were done flawlessly, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted. My teacher was apparently following Picasso’s philosophy “Learn the rules like a professional so you can break them like an artist.” I’m pretty sure it worked!

I had a series of amazing teachers. I had my first major sale at 17, to the IBM Museum of Young Artists. It was on display there until I passed the age of young artists. It was then sold to a private collector. I had my first one woman show when I was 21.

Fine Art by Rosalinde Reece. © 2016 Rosalinde Reece. All Rights Reserved.I attended Parsons, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, the New School in NYC. At 17, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bill and Elaine DeKooning, incredibly successful artists, who encouraged me to grow and expand as an artist.

My purpose as an artist is to make the world a little brighter, a little happier, a little more fun. People who see the beauty and joy in the world around them WILL work to cure its ills so that beauty and joy becomes visible to everyone.

Full Size Render by Rosalinde Reece. © 2016 Rosalinde Reece. All Rights Reserved.My website: Rosalinde Reece
My FB art page: Rosalinde Reece, Fine Artist

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