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Dawn R. Yurkas (Author D.R. Yurkas)

covering hope by dr yarkas
Covering Hope - A Carter's of Milton Novel - by D.R. Yurkas
Covering Hope by D.R. Yurkas

Growing up I never thought I would be a writer, my first love was music, playing piano, singing and eventually learning a few more instruments in a jazz ensemble. However when I was 12 my mother opened a used bookstore, then a card and comic shop and I was immersed into a world of unlimited books and graphic art.

Eventually I owned my own bookstore and found myself reading a lot of books wondering how they got published. I had been published in local and regional newspapers for my commentary or opinions on social events but never thought I was a “writer” per say.

On a whim I decided to submit a short story to Chicken Soup for the Soul, after being kicked out of a writer’s group for my romantic notions. Chicken Soup accepted my short story and it was published in their Answered Prayers anthology.

Author D.R. Yurkas
Author D.R. Yurkas

After a car accident and my real estate being put on hold I decided to write a novel, actually a series. To say I had lofty expectations was understated, however I had found a new freedom of expression which sent me soaring and spent hours creating a small southern town and a family to put in it. I added mystery, suspense and romance to the mix of drama and I found success, in the form of readers.

There were readers who loved my stories and their words of encouragement keep me pushing onward to develop other story lines and try different styles of writing.

Now writing is a need of my spirit and soul, much like water to live and food to eat. I’ve learned and grown so much as an artist of my craft, listening to others, learning from others and it is my hopes to keep bringing beautiful stories to my readers.

All four book covers by D.R. Yurkas

Carters of Milton Novels
Covering Hope
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