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Anita Szombati – Artist & Designer

Ocean Breeze cuff bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.

My name is Anita Szombati and I am a Hungarian-born, self-taught artist and designer, who currently resides in Las Vegas.

How did I become an artist? Well, I started drawing when I was 2 and I made my first bracelet when I was 12 years old. I knew already back then that I had found something special because my excitement about the beads and jewelry just would not stop. Making jewelry was a lot of fun, and while I didn’t make many jewelry items back then, by the time I was 16, I had sold my first bracelets, made of thread, to a street vendor. In the following years I primarily focused on finishing school and then on volunteer work. I was 25 when I started to create art again. I started with drawing pictures and painting, but I ended up going back to making jewelry. First, I only made jewelry as gifts and for myself, but seeing that people wanted to purchase them, I decided to offer them for sale.

Creating art – whether it is making jewelry, drawing, painting or something else – still makes me excited and full of energy to such a degree that words can hardly describe it, if at all, which tells me that I am on the right path and that I am following my basic purpose.

Having art in our lives makes our lives more lively and colorful, and by putting a lot of art into society, we can make a big difference, and create not only a more beautiful, but also a happier world. Art is a form of communication and by showing our art, by communicating our message to others through a painting, a song, a movie, or any other type of artwork, we entertain, raise emotionally and also inspire others, to either create art themselves, or to take action in other areas of their lives. I hope that you will enjoy seeing, wearing and owning what I make – just as much as I enjoy making it -, and that my art will inspire you to make some art too!”

Here’s a photo of myself and a few photos of my work. You can see a lot more on my website:

Ocean Breeze cuff bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.
Ocean Breeze cuff bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.

Profile photo-Etsy 3

Here are some testmonials from my customers.:

“Anita’s professionalism is impeccable! I loved how she was proactive about each step in the jewelry making process ensuring that I (the customer) was completely satisfied! The end product was beautiful and flawless with great quality work done! I will definitely use her again for her awesome skills and tell anyone else about her work and great communication skills! She truly does care about her customers! Thanks again, Anita!” – CLR


Flower bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.
Flower bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.

“Anita made several pieces of jewelry and they were absolutely beautiful. She worked with me on the design and colors. I listened to her recommendations and the finished pieces were delightful. I was first introduced to her work by purchasing earrings and they are among my favorite to wear. I never fail to get compliments when I wear them. I only have 4 pairs and I definitely want more.

I’ll be visiting her very soon.

Jinny S”


“I met Anita over the Thanksgiving holiday (at one of her shows) and that turned out to be the best thing.  I saw her work & immediately loved it.  Her pieces are unique and beautiful.  I bought a gorgeous bracelet and ordered another type right then. Anita is professional & super sweet.  I was astonished to see how fast she made my special order, while all along keeping me in touch by email (regarding the progress & pics).  She shipped it out right away and when I got it, I was so happy, it was everything (and more) of what I had pictured.  I automatically ordered (2) more for Christmas presents.  Anita worked with me to get exactly what I wanted, she even rushed so I could have by Christmas.  They came and AGAIN are gorgeous, so much so, I wanna keep for myself.  I strongly recommend Anita Personally & Professionally.  Her work is Impeccable.

Tammy Hadley”

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