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Elizabeth C. Sullivan Fine Artist & Musician

hat created by E.C. Sullivan

About the Artist
Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth C. Sullivan gave up an artistic life to single-handedly provide for her child with no help from the adventurous ex-husband/father. When the job was done, she resumed artistic pursuits and has been an artist full time for the last 15 years, and now considers that she reigns supreme as Granny Bess, with 3 wonderful grandsons. Although she has produced artworks in many

world horses by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.
world horses by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

different mediums, she is primarily known as a muralist and watercolor painter. Although often inspired to paint those awesome grandsons, her most well-known works are of horses, buffalo, armadillos, horned lizards, elk, deer, longhorns and other Texas wildlife in a unique style vaguely reminiscent of cave paintings (one of her inspirations). Her most recent murals in Bastrop and Elgin, Texas, reflect this subject matter and style. (However, one of the Bastrop murals had to be of the famous Bastrop chickens.) Ms. Sullivan has sold thousands of prints, hundreds of originals all across the US and Europe and Japan. Her work has been licensed to produce area rugs, coasters, cards, posters, jewelry and other articles. A Swedish company, Scandecor, licensed and distributed her work across Europe and the US, but interestingly, tourists wishing to take a little bit of Texas back home to England, Germany, Japan, New York – a hundred places – choose one of Ms. Sullivan’s watercolors from galleries that carry them in Texas.

by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.
by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

Ms. Sullivan is also a musician – how could you be from Austin and not be in a band? Although the band is strictly volunteer, it has been spotlighted on local TV and in the Austin American Statesman. The band was the inspiration for one of the two cows she painted for the Austin Cow Parade – “Cowjunto.”

She has done hundreds of art shows across the US. Awards from various art shows are listed on her resume on her website. She also teaches watercolor to adults and children. As a volunteer she devotes time weekly to teaching art to autistic kids, and playing music for facilities for the elderly. She holds a BFA from the University of Texas.


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