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Framing Tips by EC Sullivan

Fine Art by EC Sullivan

Fine Art by EC SullivanIf you have plenty of money, go to a frame shop and get your new painting custom framed. Always the best to let professionals do it. Mom and Pop frame stores tend to be less expensive than Hobby Lobby or Michaels or other big chains.

If you want to do it yourself, here are some tips.

Take your painting to a store whenever they are having a sale. Hobby Lobby has sales on frames about every other week. Michaels, too. Another good place to go is Jerry’s Artarama if there is one near you – they carry good frame packages (means you get the frame, glass, backing board and hanging stuff altogether) and pretty good prices. Or order online.

Pick a frame that your painting will fit into. Pick a piece of mat board of a color that goes well with your painting (this is why you bring the painting to the store with you). Cut the mat board to fit in the frame and mount your painting on top of the mat board using acid free double-sided tape. The deckled (ragged) edges of the painting will be showing, but I personally like that. When you pick a frame, you might have it an inch bigger than the painting, or 3 inches or 2 inches height-wise and 3 inches length-wise. Just make sure the picture fits into the frame with room to spare, and the mat board will take up the rest of the frame area.

If you do not like it get someone at the store you are in to cut a mat for you.

Unless you bought the package frame deal at Jerrry’s, you now need glass or plexi to fit into the frame to protect the painting. You can get non-glare glass or plexi, which is the best, but more expensive than plain old glass. You can get the frame store to cut it for you. It’s cheaper to get glass or plexi at Lowes or Home Depot and they also will cut it for you.

Lastly you need a backing board. Foam core is a good backing board. If you bought a whole sheet of mat board, you can use another piece of mat board.

To put it altogether, use glaziers points. You push them into a wooden frame. I have a frame gun for these, but that’s a huge expense and not needed unless you are doing a lot of framing. You can also use a staple gun – not very professional, but nobody is going to see the back.

To hang it, use a piece of framing wire and eye screws or D rings. You can get little picture hanging kits at craft stores or hardware stores that has everything you need to make a nice wire hanger.

If you’re in Hobby Lobby, check the frames clearance section – these are custom frames that customers have rejected. I’ve often found one that fits the painting I want to mount, and the price goes down as the year goes by – in December they are 90% off. These frames are not in the framing part of the store – they are off somewhere else. Ask where they are.

Call or email me if you have questions.

Elizabeth Sullivan
512 431 7756

© Copyright 2020 EC Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

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Wonderful Dreamscape Comments from 2019!

Flying Free Dreamscape by ILIA

Whenever I create a new Dreamscape, I post it on my Facebook page asking for feedback and name suggestions. I believe in 2019 I received the best feedback and the most wonderful acknowledgements – EVER! I’d like to share some here:

“Beautiful!!!!” DC
“Great colors!” LH
“This is my favorite so far! It evokes warmth and love and beauty. Really lovely gush of emotion!” RR
Voyager Dreamscape created by ILIA
“Oh wow that is awesome!” EW
“This image really spoke to me on a very very deep level.” PT
“I suggest ‘The Universe Within’ For within the universe that we share with others is a universe that is solely our own. In it, exist dreams and spaces privy only to ourselves; and it is from this universe that dreams spring forth. It is an awesome piece!” MG
“Wow! Beautiful and protected and infinite on the inside as all beauty is.” RP
“Your beautiful piece reminded me of a book by that title where a girl was magically transported to a place I imagined looked like this.” VL
Forest of the Fairies“Fabulous! You are a great artist!” TD
“I am at a loss for words with this one. I love it!” BL
“Beautiful. Have no name but WOW!” RVDF
“This is haunting – love the flows in it.” JH
“No name but it’s a glorious feeling in my heart. Splendid piece! TH
“Wowowow!!!! So Beautiful!!!!!!” EW
“It’s a very ethereal and beautiful work of art that speaks to me of something that’s not ‘something’” VL
“Gorgeous!” GB
“It’s beautiful!” JK
dreamscapes by ILIA“Your Dreamscapes are unbelievably aesthetic! I don’t know how you create these, but they are really, truly a work of art. I can think of many classical musical pieces that could be played while viewing these – your dreamscapes are soothing and pleasing to the soul, as it were.” LT
“Imagination, its realization, it’s an artist’s gift, and ILIA expresses her imagination beautifully.” MAS
“Thank you for inspiring people – especially me! Keep creating ILIA!! Your artwork is awesome!” CM
“ILIA’s Dreamscapes are mind blowingly beautiful, haunting, and impossible but there it is.” LDS

Thank you very, very much to all that participated with my Name it Game this year.  I sincerely appreciate the wonderful comments and amazing name suggestions!


You can find my Dreamscapes at my ILIA LIFE website.

© Copyright 2019 ILIA.
All Rights Reserved.

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Chuck Rosenthal Fine Art – New Availability

The beautiful paintings by artist Chuck Rosenthal certainly inspire a longing to have one framed and hanging in your living room. Known for his masterly use of light, his seascapes, landscapes, people and still life are all desirable. But for many of us, owning an original has been more than our budgets could afford.

Now a new line is being offered of Mr. Rosenthal’s light-filled canvasses. Giclee prints on canvas are available at a fraction of the cost of an original painting.

First, let’s define “giclee.” It is pronounced “gee-clay” and is from a French word that means spray. A giclee reproduction of an artwork is basically an ink jet digital print usually on watercolor paper or canvas. The process uses archival inks, which basically means it won’t fade for a hundred years or more. Great care is taken in the process to produce the exact colors of the original painting. So, down to brass tacks, a giclee reproduction is high quality inks printed on a high quality surface, and is the best you can get in artwork reproduction.

However, since it is a reproduction, not an original, it becomes more available for the rest of us that didn’t figure in several thousand dollars in our financial planning for the purchase of artwork. Hooray!

Mr. Rosenthal has made available many of his pastel paintings in giclee reproductions.  The still life is grapes and apples, but more importantly it is a play of light in yellows, light greens and oranges that is a feast for the eye. The contrasting dark background and the contrast of the smooth grapes and apples against the rough cloth they lie on is very pleasing scene for any room.

There are several seascapes available, most notably a scene of bright evening sun on waders in the shallow water of the beach, with tall condos and hotels in the background.  Since the artist is from Clearwater, Florida, one assumes this is Clearwater Beach, but it could be any of many Gulf beaches. The scene evokes a sort of peace and joy.

Another notable beach scene is of the old drawbridge and causeway to Clearwater Beach.  The rendering of the sky in this painting is just brilliant. The artist has totally mastered the realism of a Clearwater sky.

There are a dozen other paintings to choose from now that giclees have been released, and since the cost now falls within anyone’s budget, a Chuck Rosenthal painting could soon adorn a wall at your home.

Artist Chuck Rosenthal is recognized for his masterly use of light. His striking still lifes, seascapes and landscapes would enhance any room.

There’s one magnificent still life. The contrasts in this painting are fascinating – the dark background for the bright orange, green and yellow apples and grapes, and the smooth fruit against the rough cloth and basket. A nice addition for any wall.

One painting is most obviously Clearwater. The light of a beautiful Clearwater morning sky leaves the old drawbridge and causeway to Clearwater Beach in blue shadow while the water reflects bright light and colors.

Brighten your home with a masterly painting!

>> Go here to see the Chuck Rosenthal Fine Artist Gallery