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Dawn R. Yurkas (Author D.R. Yurkas)

covering hope by dr yarkas
Covering Hope - A Carter's of Milton Novel - by D.R. Yurkas
Covering Hope by D.R. Yurkas

Growing up I never thought I would be a writer, my first love was music, playing piano, singing and eventually learning a few more instruments in a jazz ensemble. However when I was 12 my mother opened a used bookstore, then a card and comic shop and I was immersed into a world of unlimited books and graphic art.

Eventually I owned my own bookstore and found myself reading a lot of books wondering how they got published. I had been published in local and regional newspapers for my commentary or opinions on social events but never thought I was a “writer” per say.

On a whim I decided to submit a short story to Chicken Soup for the Soul, after being kicked out of a writer’s group for my romantic notions. Chicken Soup accepted my short story and it was published in their Answered Prayers anthology.

Author D.R. Yurkas
Author D.R. Yurkas

After a car accident and my real estate being put on hold I decided to write a novel, actually a series. To say I had lofty expectations was understated, however I had found a new freedom of expression which sent me soaring and spent hours creating a small southern town and a family to put in it. I added mystery, suspense and romance to the mix of drama and I found success, in the form of readers.

There were readers who loved my stories and their words of encouragement keep me pushing onward to develop other story lines and try different styles of writing.

Now writing is a need of my spirit and soul, much like water to live and food to eat. I’ve learned and grown so much as an artist of my craft, listening to others, learning from others and it is my hopes to keep bringing beautiful stories to my readers.

All four book covers by D.R. Yurkas

Carters of Milton Novels
Covering Hope
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Outstandingly Clever Artists

Indie Artists Club has Outstandingly Clever ArtistsIndie Artists Club is a new group on the web that is promoting outstandingly clever artists. These are artists who are not only clever enough to produce outstanding works of art, but additionally they are clever enough to promote their art into a method of supporting themselves.

Almost everyone is an artist in some way. No matter what one does as a “job,” there is an artist of some kind lurking inside. Creativity is just native to human beings. A few never tap into their creativity, but most people have a pastime of some sort which allows them to create. It may be making furniture or quilting or even creating an image for oneself – clothes and make-up and hair. Many people participate in the recognized fields of arts – painting, sculpture, photography, writing, etc. – but do it only as a hobby, not a profession.

To confirm the native desire to create, you need only look at children’s art. Kids make the most wonderfully creative art. Children display an urge to create as soon as they can hold a crayon. They sing. They dance. As they mature, the creative sparks get snuffed out, and only a few brave ones continue to a point where artistic pursuits are their main means of support. How creative sparks get snuffed out is a subject for another article, but suffice it to say that it takes a person with some guts to follow an artistic career, to be able to endure and slough off the rejection one receives in such fields.  Several of the artists on Indie Artists Club mention starting to draw, paint, create at the age of two.

Even when children grow up to major in art or music in college, you find the graduates doing all kinds of other jobs rather than working in their chosen field. You find brilliant pianists working as administrative assistants in the computer science department of some university. Or painters of high quality art serving fries at a fast food restaurant. These are people who can actually read music to the point where you can put a sheet of music they have never heard before in front of them and they can just play it perfectly. Or people who can sing in an opera. Or people who can paint a life-like portrait. And on. They all got crushed when they graduated, rejected from their chosen field, and so relegated their lifelong goals to a “hobby.”

A few brave ones press on, maybe not immediately, but at a later time in life. These are the ones I call outstandingly clever. First, their art is outstandingly clever, in that they have created artworks worth a living wage. Second, the artist is outstandingly clever because they are putting themselves out there, barring their innermost creativity, for the world to see, and they do not give up – they make themselves successful. Brave souls all.

As an example, Frank P. Devine is an artist on the website. He works in two mediums – carving wood and painting. He mentions at the beginning of his article that he has always been an artist. At the beginning of his career, he designed and painted cars during the day, and worked on his fine art at night. You sometimes have to take another job for a time while you build your own business. Getting an artistic job was an outstandingly clever move on his part.

Another artist on the website is Robin Beaman. Robin had one career on the stage in New York City. When she felt she was done with that, she went to Los Angeles and started almost a second career acting in television shows and on the stage. Now she says:

“So now I’ve taken to helping with art others produce. I still keep my creative hand in by writing now and then (mainly short stories and blogs), but I’ve found that I especially enjoy helping others polish up their written work by proofreading and editing in order to make their works shine as the bright gems they are.

“Because of my reading knowledge, I find myself getting engrossed and involved with the story I’m editing, so that when I edit something, it isn’t just a ‘job’; it’s because I’m interested and wish this story to succeed.   I mean, with the teamwork that develops between us, I can see this story really take off. It starts to live and breathe for me and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. It is important to me that the author’s story is the best it can possibly be.”

There is plenty of great information and advice from outstandingly clever artists on the indie artists website.   And some great art to view!

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Elizabeth C. Sullivan Fine Artist & Musician

hat created by E.C. Sullivan

About the Artist
Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth C. Sullivan gave up an artistic life to single-handedly provide for her child with no help from the adventurous ex-husband/father. When the job was done, she resumed artistic pursuits and has been an artist full time for the last 15 years, and now considers that she reigns supreme as Granny Bess, with 3 wonderful grandsons. Although she has produced artworks in many

world horses by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.
world horses by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

different mediums, she is primarily known as a muralist and watercolor painter. Although often inspired to paint those awesome grandsons, her most well-known works are of horses, buffalo, armadillos, horned lizards, elk, deer, longhorns and other Texas wildlife in a unique style vaguely reminiscent of cave paintings (one of her inspirations). Her most recent murals in Bastrop and Elgin, Texas, reflect this subject matter and style. (However, one of the Bastrop murals had to be of the famous Bastrop chickens.) Ms. Sullivan has sold thousands of prints, hundreds of originals all across the US and Europe and Japan. Her work has been licensed to produce area rugs, coasters, cards, posters, jewelry and other articles. A Swedish company, Scandecor, licensed and distributed her work across Europe and the US, but interestingly, tourists wishing to take a little bit of Texas back home to England, Germany, Japan, New York – a hundred places – choose one of Ms. Sullivan’s watercolors from galleries that carry them in Texas.

by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.
by E.C. Sullivan © 2016 E.C. Sullivan. All Rights Reserved.

Ms. Sullivan is also a musician – how could you be from Austin and not be in a band? Although the band is strictly volunteer, it has been spotlighted on local TV and in the Austin American Statesman. The band was the inspiration for one of the two cows she painted for the Austin Cow Parade – “Cowjunto.”

She has done hundreds of art shows across the US. Awards from various art shows are listed on her resume on her website. She also teaches watercolor to adults and children. As a volunteer she devotes time weekly to teaching art to autistic kids, and playing music for facilities for the elderly. She holds a BFA from the University of Texas.


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Anita Szombati – Artist & Designer

Ocean Breeze cuff bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.

My name is Anita Szombati and I am a Hungarian-born, self-taught artist and designer, who currently resides in Las Vegas.

How did I become an artist? Well, I started drawing when I was 2 and I made my first bracelet when I was 12 years old. I knew already back then that I had found something special because my excitement about the beads and jewelry just would not stop. Making jewelry was a lot of fun, and while I didn’t make many jewelry items back then, by the time I was 16, I had sold my first bracelets, made of thread, to a street vendor. In the following years I primarily focused on finishing school and then on volunteer work. I was 25 when I started to create art again. I started with drawing pictures and painting, but I ended up going back to making jewelry. First, I only made jewelry as gifts and for myself, but seeing that people wanted to purchase them, I decided to offer them for sale.

Creating art – whether it is making jewelry, drawing, painting or something else – still makes me excited and full of energy to such a degree that words can hardly describe it, if at all, which tells me that I am on the right path and that I am following my basic purpose.

Having art in our lives makes our lives more lively and colorful, and by putting a lot of art into society, we can make a big difference, and create not only a more beautiful, but also a happier world. Art is a form of communication and by showing our art, by communicating our message to others through a painting, a song, a movie, or any other type of artwork, we entertain, raise emotionally and also inspire others, to either create art themselves, or to take action in other areas of their lives. I hope that you will enjoy seeing, wearing and owning what I make – just as much as I enjoy making it -, and that my art will inspire you to make some art too!”

Here’s a photo of myself and a few photos of my work. You can see a lot more on my website:

Ocean Breeze cuff bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.
Ocean Breeze cuff bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.

Profile photo-Etsy 3

Here are some testmonials from my customers.:

“Anita’s professionalism is impeccable! I loved how she was proactive about each step in the jewelry making process ensuring that I (the customer) was completely satisfied! The end product was beautiful and flawless with great quality work done! I will definitely use her again for her awesome skills and tell anyone else about her work and great communication skills! She truly does care about her customers! Thanks again, Anita!” – CLR


Flower bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.
Flower bracelet. © 2016 Anita Szombati. All Rights Reserved.

“Anita made several pieces of jewelry and they were absolutely beautiful. She worked with me on the design and colors. I listened to her recommendations and the finished pieces were delightful. I was first introduced to her work by purchasing earrings and they are among my favorite to wear. I never fail to get compliments when I wear them. I only have 4 pairs and I definitely want more.

I’ll be visiting her very soon.

Jinny S”


“I met Anita over the Thanksgiving holiday (at one of her shows) and that turned out to be the best thing.  I saw her work & immediately loved it.  Her pieces are unique and beautiful.  I bought a gorgeous bracelet and ordered another type right then. Anita is professional & super sweet.  I was astonished to see how fast she made my special order, while all along keeping me in touch by email (regarding the progress & pics).  She shipped it out right away and when I got it, I was so happy, it was everything (and more) of what I had pictured.  I automatically ordered (2) more for Christmas presents.  Anita worked with me to get exactly what I wanted, she even rushed so I could have by Christmas.  They came and AGAIN are gorgeous, so much so, I wanna keep for myself.  I strongly recommend Anita Personally & Professionally.  Her work is Impeccable.

Tammy Hadley”

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Sharon Beth Photographer & Photograph Compositing

Sharon BethI have been a photographer for most of my life, yet a frustrated one. I love photography and the realism that it provides and I sought out any and all methods, techniques, cameras, lenses and programs to afford me more and more realistic detail. Combined with good composition, color and skill, these images came out stunning in their detail and accuracy.

I was one of the first to be interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography as early as 2007, when it’s popularity was in it’s infancy, and I studied and implemented it’s incredible detail rendering abilities using multiple exposures and programs used to combine intelligently, all of these images into one detailed masterpiece.

But something was missing, STILL.

Endless by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.
Endless by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.

I had conquered the detail issue. But what of the thousands of other valid and talented photographers who do the same? What of the millions of beautiful sunset shots that take your breath away? I wanted to give something different, something more.

My precious mother was a traditional artist. She painted everything from mountain scenes, to portraits, to renditions of Old Masters and was incredibly good at it. Her art has an unspoken gift that emanates from it, no matter the subject or composition. It grabs at your heart and transports you to another reality as all art should do in my opinion.

 Aaliyah by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.
Aaliyah by Sharon Beth © 2016 Sharon Beth. All Rights Reserved.

In some distant future I wanted to be able to acquire her ability to put the ‘soul’ into a photograph, the way she does with her painting. For me, the tools came to me with photo editing programs like Photoshop and Painter and a host of others. I was finally able to add my own unique touch to my photos that made them more into what I defined as ‘art’.

You may say that a good photographer can do that with a camera alone and I would not disagree with you, but I still wanted something more. I have managed to make some beautiful art from my photographs using at least one, and up to 6 different images combined. It’s called compositing and the two images you see are examples of this technique. I love doing art this way!

I am currently intent on taking it to the next level and, instead of using photographs, starting from scratch, yet still using the tools of the computer programs. It is the next challenge for me as a photo artist and artist. I do love to take a subject and make a composite piece of art of it which depicts many different aspects of that subject in one piece.

Just recently I had the pleasure of making images of a number of local farmers for a restaurant. These images were composites and combined a number of different elements relating to the particular product of that vendor including breads, cheeses, oysters, chickens, wine and spirits! Each of these images has a story to tell.

I love that the reaction I get to these is pure delight and happiness on the part of the ‘participants’!

I am currently taking appointments to create this kind of art, whether using my own photographs or those of the clients themselves. Sometimes you may have an idea of a piece of art that you would like to create but may not have the skills or the tools. I am here to help you with that whether it be from your vision or from your own collection of images, either new or vintage or any combination thereof.

My goal is to create something that will bring remembrance or joy, or whatever it is you want to carry forward with you in time. Each of my projects is individually priced and executed.

My websites are:
My blog –
My portfolio –
My Facebook page –
I live in Blaine, Washington ( near Canadian border!)
My phone is 360 778 3420

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Sardar Khder Aziz – Photographer Irbil City

Sardar Aziz PhotographerMy name is Sardar Khder Aziz and I live in Erbil City in Kurdistan of Iraq. I have been a photographer for about 30 years.

Urban life at Irbil can be dated back to at least 6000 BC, and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

At the heart of the city is the ancient Citadel of Arbil. It is a unique and inspirational city to take photographs in.

The inspiration behind my work is the great love to my land and my people. I photographs that I shoot are landscape and nature photos.

I find that the quality of light is very important when taking landscape photography. Getting just the right lighting to create the mood is vital to getting my feelings and inspiration across to the viewer.

You can find me on Facebook – Oscar Photography – please stop by and “Like” my page.

Oscar Photography
Doctors St., 066 252 99 88 Irbil, Iraq
Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
+964 750 321 3131

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Frank P. Devine – King of Carving

12666378_10208610176315190_55702200_nI have been an artist all my life. My parents always supported my creative pursuits with encouragement and enthusiasm. While growing up I found refuge from daily life in painting the fantasy world of my creative imagination. Expressing the images of my imagination
with art connects me physically to my spiritual being and allows others to make that connection as well.

My Skills are broad and well refined, a must in my specialized field of architectural art. I transform ordinary conventionally designed space into extraordinary spectacular environments specific to the clients needs.

Also gallery pieces for those that just need a beautiful piece to improve their quality of life at home or the office.

When my Professional career started at age 14 . I quickly discovered I have a knack for translating the imaginative ideas of my clients into accurate and tangible expressions of art for them.

Versatility of style, subject and materials use became a strong asset to my profession.

I take great pride in my work. My reputation as a meticulous award winning artist with the highest quality standards has served me well. So whenever I create a work of art it gets 100% of my attention to detail. I pour my heart and soul into every piece, drawing on every acquired skill required to assure the standard excellence expected of me by my clients and myself.

The early years of my career were spent honing my skills as a custom auto painter by day and fine art painter at night. The combination those two very different painting skills compliment each other very well. the result is superior understanding of color and composition, materials and process exceeding that of other artists. Applying this knowledge  and skill to my wood sculpture has set me apart from others in my field of expertise as a Master Wood carver.

I enjoy creating my works of art. That love for what I do shows in the work. Its a spiritual experience for me. The real purpose of art is misunderstood by most people including artists. Art is supposed to trigger an emotional response. The greater and broader that impact the more successful the piece. Art is communication. The better people connect with ones work the higher the achievement.

Being a top ranked award winning artist with global recognition has been an enchanting affirmation of my ability. Living on the scenic central coast of California has been an inspiration to my creativity. Seeing the excitement and delight on the faces of satisfied clients makes it all worth while.

I look forward to serving those that make that special connection with my work.

My skills list: Sculpture, Painting, Stained Glass, Mosaic, Ceramics, French Paper Mache, Fauxe Finishes, Wood & Plaster Architectural features, metal work, design.

Frank P. Devine-King of Carving
Globally Mobile and Looking forward to serving your Artistic needs.
(805)- 953-9741
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Multi-Talented Artist Robin Beaman

Robin Beaman, multi-talented artist I used to sit “center stage” where artistic endeavors were concerned…I sang and acted in New York and Los Angeles – in church as soloist, musicals, opera and straight drama, both on stage and on TV.  I sang under Leonard Bernstein’s baton in New York, sang in the New York Opera as well as Off-Broadway.  I came out to Los Angeles and pursued my wares in TV – Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven, Hart to Hart, just to name three, and starred in many musicals and straight drama at The Colony Theatre here.

But, as time went on I decided that I’d run the gamut and did what I’d set out to do, which was to touch, move, make a difference in people’s lives, and to entertain to the best of my ability.  So, I decided to do something different.  I felt I’d run the gamut.

So now I’ve taken to helping with art others produce.  I still keep my creative hand in by writing now and then (mainly short stories and blogs), but I’ve found that I especially enjoy helping others polish up their written work by proofreading and editing in order to make their works shine as the bright gems they are.

I have been an avid reader since childhood, simply because there was no television in “them thar days”, so I escaped by reading. I’m so glad I did because I can see grammatical and spelling errors a mile away!

Because of my reading knowledge, I find myself getting engrossed and involved with the story I’m editing, so that when I edit something, it isn’t just a “job”; it’s because I’m interested and wish this story to succeed.  I mean, with the teamwork that develops between us, I can see this story really take off. It starts to live and breathe for me and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. It is important to me that the author’s story is the best it can possibly be.

Another skill or hobby, if you will, is being handy with needle and thread.  With this love of sewing, I stumbled on what is known as counted cross stitch which ends up, when finished, as a “thread painting” done on linen.  All kinds of colorful pictures can be rendered with this technique, sometimes to the jaw dropping amazement of those who see this art up close and personal.  And, to complete the “sewing” picture, I also love to crochet afghans, baby hats, as well as sew knick-knacks like table cloths, hand towels, coasters – well, you name it, I probably do it.

My overall purpose is this:  I cannot breathe easily if I don’t create something, whether it’s for me or through and for others.  I thank my lucky stars that I live around and have friends as artists — that I’m able to support them and do what I can for them.  Life just isn’t worth living without the beauty of art in it.  Period.

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Fine Art by Rosalinde Reece

I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon. It’s what I do and what I love doing.

Rosalinde ReeceI took my first art class in a garage in Hamden, Connecticut, as the only child in an adult class. We worked with oils and our first challenge was to create perfect sphere. Next assignment was a still life, set up by the teacher, containing every imaginable texture, shape, color etc. Once those two assignments were done flawlessly, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted. My teacher was apparently following Picasso’s philosophy “Learn the rules like a professional so you can break them like an artist.” I’m pretty sure it worked!

I had a series of amazing teachers. I had my first major sale at 17, to the IBM Museum of Young Artists. It was on display there until I passed the age of young artists. It was then sold to a private collector. I had my first one woman show when I was 21.

Fine Art by Rosalinde Reece. © 2016 Rosalinde Reece. All Rights Reserved.I attended Parsons, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, the New School in NYC. At 17, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bill and Elaine DeKooning, incredibly successful artists, who encouraged me to grow and expand as an artist.

My purpose as an artist is to make the world a little brighter, a little happier, a little more fun. People who see the beauty and joy in the world around them WILL work to cure its ills so that beauty and joy becomes visible to everyone.

Full Size Render by Rosalinde Reece. © 2016 Rosalinde Reece. All Rights Reserved.My website: Rosalinde Reece
My FB art page: Rosalinde Reece, Fine Artist

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Photography by Cheryl Perin

Cheryl Perin Photographer. © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved.I have been taking pictures since I was a kid. I grew up in PA out in the country. We lived at the foot of a mountain which was surrounded by forests so nature became my favorite thing to photograph. We had animals all around as we were in farming country.

My purpose in my photography is to share nature through my eyes so others can enjoy it. My husband and I go camping, hiking and backpacking which a lot of people do not get to do. We see some very beautiful things on our adventures and we like to share these things. I love flowers as well and love to photograph their amazing colors.

Morning Magic - © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved.
Morning Magic – © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved.

I’m a realist when it comes to art, although with Photoshop and Lightroom you can do some newer forms like HDR photography and Colorization which I will be learning soon.

My husband is a professional photographer so I have had the opportunity to learn things from him over the years which has approved my ability as a photographer.

I have all my photos for sale on two websites. One is Fine Art America and the other is Viewbug. I have a full time job so I hope to have more time to work on my photography in the future.

I have had great responses to my photos and have even won a contest or two. I have sold a couple and just had a great time creating the photos. We love to travel and we always take our cameras and we usually have two or three cameras a piece as we go photographing.

Sunset On Bowman Bay © 2016 Cheryl Perin. All Rights Reserved. The nice thing about taking photos is you get to see things that a lot of people would just walk right by and never see. Having a photographer’s eye gets you to look at your environment in more detail and develops you to see the little things. It’s amazing what you will find when you look and see.