Launch Pad for Musician’s, Singers & Bands

The way to get known is to consistently get your name and your works out there.  But what about taking it a step further and getting into the exact place that will put you in front of an audience and potentially get you signed?

At Indie Artists Club, we do just that: get you in front of an audience and give your career the boost you need!  Indie Artist Club has the “foot in the door” with the CEO!

  • The 1,000,000 and growing audience in the USA and UK.
  • Featured on a radio network.
  • Featured in an online and printed Indie Magazine.
  • An AUTHENTIC launching pad for unsigned talent.

Here is what’s needed to get in on this opportunity:

  • Artist Bio info
  • Pictures
  • Links to your websites and social media
  • Links to stream your music

Additionally, for the magazine article you will need:

  • The text needed for the e-zine article. This could be your BIO INFO, PRESS RELEASE, ONE-SHEET, PRESS KIT or any other news you desire publishing up to 500 words.
  • E-ZINE Publications can include up to 2 photos and links to your official websites, social media and 1 embedded video (YouTube or Vimeo).

For Indie Artist Club, you will need:

  • An article
  • A Directory Listing

The entire package above costs $50.

If you need the article written for both Indie Artists Club and the Magazine, it is an additional $20.

You aren’t going to get an opportunity like this anywhere else: Major promotion with an AUTHENTIC launching pad.  Get it NOW

Launch Pad Package 

Launch Pad Package with 2 articles 





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