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“Internationally acclaimed author, biographer, and ghostwriter of non-fiction and novels” sounds fancy, but I’m simply a professional with skills and a mission to write entertaining, uplifting stories for my readers’ enjoyment.

People tell me, “You create emotional stories… paint pictures with words.” Well, I write what I see in front of me, adding my imagination where it improves the story.

Growing up in a cramped house, competing for personal space among seven brothers and sisters, two parents, (most times) at least one good hunting dog, and a score of kids living on our block, I learned to hold my ground, at times from a perch 30 feet up my favorite tree in the woods behind our house.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, the second son of a Polish-immigrant coal miner and a blue-blooded, Colombian-Chilean debutante. Appreciating ethnic values and cultural differences came from observing directly disparate social classes and living conditions there and in many other areas visited. My heritage paint-brushed a wanderlust onto my life-canvas: I’ve spent time in 39 countries and performed keynote addresses in 17.

While I laugh often and can experience a panorama of emotions just for fun, I prefer making other people smile and generally feel happier for having met me or read my books. If you curl up with one of my books and find yourself breathless, provoked, inspired, changed, like you just undertook an important journey that left you more than satisfied, my job as the author will have been a success.

Some of my book titles and descriptions:

Non-fiction, Biography; 452 pages Hardcover; eBook and AudioBook.

“Tell started all this television madness about chefs.” – Regis Philbin

Before Julia, Wolfgang, Paul, Emeril, Jacques, Bobby, Mario, Gordon, Rachel, Jamie and Anthony there was… CHEF TELL!

After ducking physical blows, verbal zingers and pots and pans from fiery, kitchen mentors never dissuaded him, and his mother’s suicide had not dashed his spirited childhood bravado, winning in a park an audition for a cooking slot on a syndicated TV show earns Friedemann Paul Erhardt his place in culinary history.

Within weeks, he appears on-air in 30 cities. Within months, 40,000,000 avid Baby Boomers in 114 cities—far more than Julia Child’s fan base—tune to Evening Magazine or PM Magazine to watch him perform 90-second, cooking segments three times a week. Personal appearances on The Mike Douglas Show, The Dinah Shore Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Jon Davidson Show; and magazine cover stories and live cooking demonstrations in shopping malls and convention centers add fuel to this German-American prairie fire’s sweep of the nation.

No one has ever seen anyone like Chef Tell—he cooks fast, entertains and teaches America to feel good enough to try cooking his way. A cavalcade of fan mail, more than 1,000 letters daily, blossoms into 14,000 pieces of mail weekly. In Capitol Center of Baltimore Maryland, he draws 20,000 people to five cooking shows one weekend, informing and entertaining enthralled attendees.

Tell’s appeal—ruggedly masculine yet comfortable in the kitchen—crosses gender and generational lines of television viewers. Twenty and thirty-year-old, female and male home cooks swoon over his engaging style and simple recipes.

“You do like this, do like that…very easy, very nice.” And “I see you!” he tells them. “If a housewife or man sees me do something in 90 seconds, they figure they can make it in five minutes,” Tell says.

Yet, Tell Erhardt lacks an inner peace and understanding, which he craves. The scars of his childhood and his mother’s ignominious death drive him through three restaurants. He outlasts two marriages, another suicide, sporadic drug use and clandestine sexual conquests before he finds the two measures of personal happiness he has sought all along: the honest, loyal love of a woman he can trust implicitly, as well as his own syndicated-TV cooking show (after he turns down The Food Network’s arguably first contract offer ever made to a chef).

Just as a new breeze catches the mainsail of his storied career vessel, two untimely falls lead to ill health, lawsuits, marital strife and a (fortunate) discovery of a long-standing diabetic condition. Undeterred, Tell recovers everything: He kicks all medications, manhandles his diabetes with dietary changes and exercise, loses 100 pounds, rehabilitates his marriage, and begins work on his sixth cookbook—an earlier one sold 230,000 copies, this one loaded with diabetic recipes.

But Tell never arrives to teach his cooking class at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College on Friday morning, October 26, 2007. Instead, he dies alone at home. Surprised and shocked internet and news-media posts include this comment: “Chef Tell has died? Stick a fork in him, he’s done.” Friedemann Paul “Chef Tell” Erhardt would have loved that.

CHEF TELL The Biography of America’s Pioneer TV Showman Chef , forewords by Regis Philbin & Chef Walter Staib, published by Skyhorse Publishing NYC, reveals “the rest of the story” for millions of Baby-Boomer fans to enjoy. (Currently [2019], a feature documentary is in production, based on this book.)

* * * * *

Non-fiction, Sports, Baseball; softcover & Kindle.

From the Preface:

“’At the end of the year, or the end of the job, if the cumulative effort is good enough, you get a chance to go to the postseason, and that is where it all starts.’ — head baseball coach, Ray Tanner

“The 2011 Gamecocks annihilated opponents. As a team, South Carolina in 2011 finished with a 1.31 ERA in 10 NCAA Tournament games. The Gamecocks’ bullpen finished 6-0 with five saves and an incredible 0.53 ERA in 33.2 innings of work in the NCAA College World Series Tournament games. They did not allow a single, extra-base hit during the entire tournament.

“Freshmen – fresh men – would take their places in 2012.

“Despite the loss of key veterans, Tanner’s vision for 2012’s recruiting class and veterans remained upbeat, even confident. He knew by the numbers that a lot of veteran players with outstanding performances under their belts, who stayed, would continue to perform at high levels. Veteran senior, Friday-night ace and All-American Michael Roth stayed on this year, as did All-American, junior closer Matt Price. Nolan Belcher; Ethan Carter; Colby Holmes; Adam Westmoreland; Tyler Webb; Patrick Sullivan, Logan Munson and Hunter Privette stayed. Forrest Koumas, who made the SEC All-Freshman Team and finished at 6-1 with a 2.96 ERA in 19 games and 12 starts, stayed.

“The biggest question in the minds of Garnet & Black coaches and fans was whether the new infield would gel into a working unit early enough in the season to give them a chance at the end. The infield situation — to get back to Omaha would be a lot to ask of freshman players, but they would work on it.”

Thus, begins the amazing story of Carolina Baseball 2012, Poetic Justice and how the 2012 Gamecocks transformed from a ragtag bunch of individuals into a national-caliber team that almost pulled off a miracle, third consecutive, national championship win — a feat accomplished in history by only one team: 1972’s USC Trojans.

Ronald Joseph Kule’s account follows the saga co-authored by Kule and J. David Miller in Carolina Baseball: Pressure Makes Diamonds – the authorized biography of the 119-year-old University of South Carolina baseball program from 1892 through the Gamecocks’ back-to-back, national championships in 2010-2011 — the school’s first-ever, major-sport championship wins.

* * * * *

Non-fiction, sales training. Softcover book/course; 270 pages

Echoing an award-winning, 1892 ad-copy formula that swept the American sales industry in the early 1900’s, this original book offers a unique approach to selling through a sales course steeped in correct, fundamental data that lead to certainty and ability to sell better and easily. The training approach offered guarantees understanding of what is studied and practiced by using exclusive, author-developed training exercises targetting specific skills.

The author’s 39-year, international sales career included door-to-door, in-home, B2C, B2B selling from street level to Boardroom and C-level executive presentations, and keynote-speaker fundraising presentations before professional audiences. He has trained scores of salespeople with this data through international sales-training workshops delivered on request.

Recommended by international corporate consultants Arte Maren, Brian Tracy, Patrick Valtin and Marten Runow, among others.

* * * * *

Mystery/romance novel; softcover; 265 pages

What does a man or woman do when their lover rejects them unexpectedly? How do they bring love back into their lives? Can broken people ever again find meaningful love?

Carlos Almarón and Carmela Ariana, his childhood friend, confront their difficult pasts and find redemption and true love when and where least expected. The murder of their mutual lover helps them discover what is and isn’t important on the road to everlasting love!

* * * * *

Magical Realism; softcover & Kindle; 270 pages

A swelteringly hot afternoon in Oklahoma bears down upon a Cherokee teen. In front of his peers and tribunal Elders, ThunderCloud endures stoically not only an embarrassing trial but also the outcome he richly deserves: excommunication by decree. Thus, he becomes a young man forced to grow up in a world full of strangers and trying circumstances unfamiliar to him. Near-deadly mishaps, interludes with lovers, contact with myriad characters – some good, some bad, and time spent among a friendly Amish clan prompt a spiritual awakening and his decision to return to his Principal People to make amends. Along his journey home, he collects valuable experience as well as a motley entourage that includes a ragtag gang of renegade children, a sage Amish runaway, and the woman he will one day marry… none of which guarantees acceptance at the Cherokee Reservation he left in disgrace.

* * * * *

434 pages, softcover & Kindle

“… Haunted Robots is an unusual and often whimsical story of a disparate group of characters, android and otherwise, who find themselves drawn together in a race to uncover and flee from a black-ops-type conspiracy involving unknown shadowy agencies. Definitely a thought-provoking book and decently entertaining.” – Anthony Wells, U.K. Home Recording Artist

* * * * *

356 pages, softcover & Kindle,

Foreword by Tracy Repchuk, eight-time international Amazon bestselling author and LinkedIn Influencer.

“Terry” Hitchcock is a humble, God-fearing entrepreneur who survived a kidnapping, homelessness, and gang-life. A USAF veteran, he threw baseballs fast, roused crowds and groupies with his saxophone, and married “The One.” When cancer took his wife and his job, he raised three children alone. Later, he consulted 84 corporations, raised over $100 million for startups, and received awards from two U.S. Presidents. To promote the plight of single-parents and children everywhere, he ran the distance of 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days, winning media attention and capturing the hearts and minds of millions in 27 countries. Reading this inspiring biography, you will learn not only what, how and why Terry survived but also his “Ultimate Dream” and how YOU can participate in it!

* * * * *
Kule ghostwrites in any genre of non-fiction or fiction on request and commission. Currently, he works from his home office in Clearwater, Florida, but, in his words, “… my passport yearns for more nation-stamps, and my bags can be packed on a moment’s notice!”

© 2019 by Ronald Joseph Kule and KuleBooks LLC. Reserved.

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